Date. October 5, 2018
Location. Jimmy’s Coffee 191 Baldwin St. Toronto, ON 
Start time - End time. 5.30 PM – 6.30 PM
Researcher Name. Kumo Van Le

The objective of the research is to gain better insights related to individual behaviors within a specific context by applying non-participant observation research. This method, non-participant observation research, is used to carefully explore the whole customer experience in a coffee shop located in Toronto, which might considerably boost the customer loyalty program. 
Description of activity
Despite the fact that Toronto was bathed in glorious sunshine on that day, the cold and strong wind was unbearable. Located in Kensington Market, this coffee shop is like a hidden gem to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Customers can easily recognize Jimmy’s coffee by seeing a limited but aesthetic space for welcoming them in front of an entrance of the coffee shop, including an eye-catching signature wooden signboard with two wooden benches.
Entering the shop via a see-through glass door, the strong brewing smell of Jimmy’s coffee could wake a non-coffee drinker up. Their heating system and warm light really helped customers feel more comfortable and relaxed. 
The store was quite small with crowded people at that time. While queuing, people were impressed by the warm and cozy vibe, especially the many pieces of black and white artwork hanging on the wall. Meanwhile, they were enjoying shopping at the custom retail display with numerous special items such as T-shirts, caps, beanies, tote bags and coffee beans, which all worked to make the time quickly pass by. 
A tall handsome cashier standing behind the main counter asked a young girl how her day was with a gentle smile. She refreshed her mind, smiled back and ordered her coffee thanks to a big and well-organized menu displayed on the wall behind him. She also considered buying a bottle of kombucha, initially looking at three flavours and finally deciding not to buy any of them. Afterwards, she paid for her coffee only. 
A few seconds later, while waiting for the drink at the end of the counter, a barista with his face intently focusing on his work gave her the drink. At the same time, she started to recognize the noisy sound and started to bob with loud, nice music and managed to find a convenient seat among the fancy furniture. 
In addition, there is a self-serve counter providing milk, water, clean cups, napkins and forks, which satisfies all of the customers’ tastes. Furthermore, there was plenty of natural light pouring through an atrium that considerably brightens and widens the small space.
Regarding the inside seating area, there were a lot of people ranging from 20 to 60. Some of them were alone, some were together as groups of three or four. Jimmy’s typical customers have a tendency to stay more than two hours after getting their coffee. 
People who came in groups seemed to sit closer to the order counter where most customers were getting in the line, passed the time by socializing and having a general good time. In contrast, people who went alone, they preferred to comfort themselves in cushioned chairs and stay further from the order counter. 
Moreover, they were focusing on their interests like reading books, studying or working on personal laptops. And both of the parties, of course, were slowly drinking Jimmy’s cups of coffee or tea and chilling in the social community.
In terms of outdoor area, this place looks like a lovely backyard garden with a lot of beautiful plants and flowers. There was no heater so the outdoor patio place was a little cold if people stayed longer. A huge difference, as well as a bonus sitting in the outside area, is a silent and tranquil environment. In fact, there was no music and noisy sounds there at all and one could even hear the sound of whispering leaves from a big high tree frequently giving some periods of calm. Conversely, some tables were very unhygienic and were paired along with non-ergonomic chairs. A small piece of hand-drawn art on the wall with a blue colour theme was not particularly eye-catching. As a result, only three people ventured to stay outside.
One of the most impressionable features of this place is the unique ambience. Jimmy’s Coffee is full of polite, cool and fashionable people, who gathered together in the same place to enjoy great pop music and each other’s company. They all seemed like they were taking a short break from their hectic schedules. Everything working together in harmony just created an unforgettable atmosphere.
Jimmy’s Coffee offers both inside and outside seating areas and I spent half an hour for each area, which totally stirred distinct and memorable feelings inside of me. At first, there were no any indoor seats left, so I chose an outdoor table to settle down in and then I moved inside when an inside seat became available.
Firstly, it was extremely challenging to make the final decision for my outdoor seat because there were various types of furniture in different colours. Finally, I chose the table at the end of the place for my observation research even though the non- ergonomic wooden chair was of unsuitable height and dirty as well. 
Staring at beautiful plants and flowers and drinking hot chocolate instantly relieved my stress and I imagined to myself that this outside place would be absolutely perfect in the summertime. However, this wonderful vibe could not warm my body up. I started freezing and decided to move inside.
Fortunately, there was an empty cushioned chair which was comfortably worn that was opposite a huge ancient and luxury bookshelf. Nevertheless, warmth and comfort were the most urgent priorities for me at that moment, so I forced myself to use that chair for the last 30 minutes.
Personally, I wish Jimmy could promote customer experience as well as come up with creative solutions related to interior design such as:
Applying branding identity for the furniture, leading to a powerful identity and better customers’ awareness. Planning a general and cohesive layout for a spatial arrangement. Upgrading the quality of furniture. Improving hygiene by cleaning after a certain amount of time.
Above all, I will come back with Jimmy’s coffee for the following reasons:
Quality coffee with a good signature vibe, good staff. I can stay as long as I want to enjoy my free time and relieve my stress.

Emergent themes
The ambience can drive customers to adjust their levels of comfort during the stay.
who want to have a conversation with their friends try to dip themselves in a noisy space are not afraid of bothering others. In contrast, single customers tend to avoid the noise and enjoy their private space in the community. Ideally, a stop should maintain outside and inside seating areas to satisfy all customers. 
Customer’s decisions are sometimes emotional. 
Small elements during the visit such as great lighting, free Internet, free water, forks as well as napkins can contribute to creating return customers. Furthermore, friendly staff is considered as a bonus in customer experience.
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