Key Visual for ANZ Mortgage Solution
Agency: TBWA\Vietnam
Client: ANZ Bank
Art Director: Minh Le
Copywriter: Nabila Zaidi
My contributions: Concept Ideas, Key Visual, Graphic Design and Illustration

ANZ Mortgage Solution: Move into your new home with ease 
The campaign is dedicated to young couples with urban lifestyle who are looking for their own nest and making a big move with the promotional rate of 6.5%. The main concept is originated from a convenient living space in condo or apartment.
ANZ Visual Guideline
Grounded. We live in the real world. As such, the imagery must be about real people and reflect real moments in life. These are regular people going about their every day with real relationships, real concerns, real interests and real aspirations.
Natural. The visuals we select tell people-shaped stories. As such, the characters, their actions and how they interact with elements within the image must be believable and reflect how people in real situations would act or react.
Authentic. A brand story needs to be genuine for people to believe it. Hence, the imagery must be realistic and true to the location, scenario and market it lives in.​​​​​​​
Key Achievement
Reviewed the process. Involved the whole process of the project from ideating and sketching the raw ideas, pitching the ideas and convincing an internal account team and the client to buy them, working independently and in team, managing to the final stage of execution.
Prioritized brand communications. Established a strong understanding of brand guidelines and overarching brand needs.
Oversaw challenges. Confronted some time constraints and dealing with the scenario where copywriters frequently updated the content leading to the constant changes of graphic elements.
Collaborated. Interacted with members of the planning and account management teams to maintain communication between teams and offer design support as needed.​​​​​​​
Built strong teams. The key thing I could learn is that teamwork plays an imperative role and can become the main precursor to any outstanding success.​​​​​​​
Art Direction. Graphic Design. Management Skills. Rhetorical Presentation. Team Working. Illustration. Deadlines Requirement. Job Responsibility.
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